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These works are presented here to provide an introductory overview and to demonstrate a long-term commitment to the medium of photography. They should not be construed as defining the current or future directions of the work.

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Signs of Life: New Photographs From New Orleans Available for Bookings

About This Site and The Photography of Charles Silver:

This site is updated as additional work becomes available and as time and scheduling permit. As it grows it will continue to feature new work in progress and information regarding any new directions the work may take.

Until 2004 the vast majority of the work was made using black and white film and processes. Since late 2004 there has been a shift towards digital photography which means the newer digital work is available in both black and white and color. Often black and white still feels like the most appropriate end state and the work presented reflects that feeling.

An archive of an earlier site is available from this home page. It is intended as an overview of the kinds of vintage work available. It includes examples of interpretive portraiture, still life and more personal autobiographical and observational imagery some of which has had a more fine art orientation.

Additionally the earlier site includes some limited examples of works that are intended to be more anthropological and sociological. These images are more photodocumentary in nature and hint at distinct shifts in both priorities and style. These shifts have resulted in the the new directions visible in the most recent work, the current projects and the projects still under development.

More work can be made available for viewing. Print sales are available and all proceeds help fund continuing volunteer efforts. I hope you will check back from time to time and I encourage you to please contact me with any questions, requests or inqueries regarding purchase of prints. Thank you.